Daily Dose: ‘Prisoner Christmas’ by The Professor Brothers

This isn’t tasteful. At all. You’ve been warned. Also, it’s probably an online video only job, but it ain’t hard to find. And I know that yet another famous figure shuffled off, but I’ll get to that later, and all the more reason to have some cheap laughs. And yes, they don’t get much cheaper than this irresponsible, poorly sung jab at people who are already suffering.

It is funny though. Or at least I find it to be, in the most absurdist sense. Don’t take it (and life) so seriously, because surely we could all do with some easy laughs at the moment. It’s dopey and stupid and dumb and it’s easily one of my favourite Christmas songs ever.

It features the aforementioned Professor Brothers, characters in the animated show China, IL. (and other media, created by Brad Neely), who teach at The University of China, Illinois, the worst college in America. I like them because they teach history exceptionally badly, and also because their Dean is voiced by Hulk Hogan. I’d recommend it only if you are a fan of very silly adult surrealist satire. They also did a fantastic song about George Washington once, but like all this output, it’s fairly crude (you would be amazed by the amount of genitalia Washington possessed on his person). This Christmas, allow yourself a giggle at some puerile humour. You’ll feel better.

(If you want to read a bit more about the more serious side of Christmas in jail, here’s a good article that the beeb featured recently.)


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