Daily Dose: ‘Samson’ by Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor had a new album out this year, which I haven’t listened to yet but I will, because I think she’s great, and What We Saw from the Cheap Seats (29th May, 2012), was really darn good. Until I get to that though, here’s an old song of hers that I heard again the other day, one that many consider to be amongst her finest. It first surfaced on her second album Songs, notable for being recorded entirely on Christmas Day of 2001 (it came out the following year), with all the tracks being recorded in one take. Another version appears on her fourth album, Begin to Hope (13th June, 2006). It’s about the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, which is one of the better ones in my book, because it involves blokes with long hair and women taking matters into their own hands and making a difference. Sure, there was some downfall involved, but everyone likes a bit of adversity every now and again, it’s good for you. If the adversity is presented in a delicate, tender format, well, you’ll just have to work around your confusion at this juncture. This remains a beautiful song, with the lyrics and the tune blending absolutely perfectly at points (‘and the bible didn’t mention us’…), and even if it’s not my favourite Spektor number, I’d still recommend it as a solid entry point, should you be looking for one.


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