Daily Dose: ‘Lying Has To Stop’ by Soft Hair

Connan Mockasin is really weird. Sam Dust, or LA Priest, is also pretty weird. Together, by their powers combined, they form the collaboration project Soft Hait, which sounds, as you might expect, kind of weird. Beginning their relationship through that time honoured method of getting into a fight at party they were both performing at (as was Adele, although no word if she was also involved in the scrap), they then went on tour together and decided to work on an album together, becoming the self-titled album oddness that we have today. This track is the sort of psychedelic pop that I would have expected, but it also benefits from a hugely tasty laid back groove on the bassline that powers events the whole way through. Also, there’s more than a slice of 90’s R and B here, and I don’t know how intentional or serious that is meant to be, but I absolutely love tracks that appreciate that genre whilst still being prepared to send it up a bit. If you fear that these boys are being entirely straight laced with this one, watch the video, that will put your fears to rest (along with a few other things, probably). As a bonus, there’s some absolute lyrical wizardry here as well: the line “I like to watch you run but I’ll never touch your bum’ is absolute genius and I won’t hear anything to the contrary. The rest of album is either going to blow my mind or leave me somewhat disappointed, and I suspect there won’t be very much in-between, but if you like your pop/chill music more than a little bit strange, this is your jam.


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