Daily Dose: ‘Winder’ by Strobes

Strobes are basically a post-prog supergroup, which is a thing so exciting to me I knew straight away I was going to write about it. I’ve seen at least one review compare them to The Comet Is Coming, and it’s true that both outfits have more than a bit of spooky jazz about them, but the instrumentation and arrangement is so distinct between them that both deserve note and recognition for pushing at a load of musical boundaries while still sounding freaking incredible. Strobes are formed of leadman keyboardist Dan Nicholls (who has done time with Squarepusher and Matthew Herbert), Joshua Blackmore on the drums (Troyka) and the guitar/synth expertise of Matt Calvert (Three Trapped Tigers, Heritage Orchestra). They have an album out and it is absolutely sick. Brokespeak came out on the 2nd of November of this year, and I’m slightly peeved that it took me this long to get to it, because I had a big smile on my face while I was listening to it. At points it’s intense and hugely hyped up, but it retains a sense of joy and exploration throughout, resulting in a listening experience that was, for me at least, very engaging and exciting. I think the album is stunning, and I’m prepared to bet it would be breath-taking live. If you like prog or jazz, it’s a must listen.


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