Daily Dose: ‘Soothe’ by Kite Base

This stuck out straight away to me when I listening through a bunch of different new songs, so I jotted it down to come back to it later when I had a spare moment. Now is that spare moment, and in reacquainting myself with the radio edit (I’m going to take a full cut to task later) I am immediately struck by the insistent low end, which is pretty primal in its use of pounding bass and drums. Then I was caught out by the vocals, which I love, being a big fan of the modern female prog rocker style. It’s all incredibly striking, and to my ears, absolutely brilliant. It possesses all of the bits of Florence that I like, some Purson and Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation thrown in for good measure, mixed with an eye towards thudding electronica, and the result is stunning. Kite Base are apparently a duo centred around two bass guitars (sick), the name is apparently an origami reference (most origami would get destroyed by the raw power on display here, but never mind), and they’ve got some big ideas going on (good for them). I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am with how this has seemingly mashed styles and genres together and made it into something coherent and interesting, as well as quite unique. Give it a listen if you like bass, in any format. Even if you don’t, I’d suggest giving it a try anyway. As for the band itself, if they could make some more please, that would be great.


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