Daily Dose: ‘Henry McCullough’ by BP Fallon and David Holmes

This is a bit out there, but bear with me (and it). It’s taken from the truly exceptional Late Night Tales series, which to my mind is the predominant mix service operating at the moment, and I would recommend for everyone to look into. David Holmes, whose selection it is, received a phone call from BP Fallon the day before the funeral of former Wings guitarist Henry McCullough. BP wanted to stay with Holmes, and if they had time, record something. Holmes worked on the music in the day, and then sat BP down in front of the microphone, and this happened. A little bit of music “magic”, as they put it. It is, as you might expect given the context, kind of sad, or at least I find it so, but in a touching manner. Henry McCullough had one hell of a life, I’ll say that much: ‘The only Irish musician to play Woodstock’. Saying any more than that would just be spoiling it for the sake of it, so listen to the song if you want to find out more about his story. Holmes has got stunning form musically, picking up a couple of Ivor Novello’s for his score work, and his ability to craft a unique atmosphere through spacious electronica shines through here. It’s emotional, and it’s an amazing tribute.


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