Daily Dose: ‘Just Make It Stop’ by Low

Low were a band that passed my family by, and as a result, I’ve always viewed them somewhat at a distance, through the prism of lacking any real shared experience with their albums. This is perhaps a good thing, because otherwise I suspect their occasionally depressing yet often beautiful indie/alternative rock would probably be the soundtrack to me entire life, and quite an apt soundtrack it would be too. This is from their tenth album, The Invisible Way (19th March, 2013, produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco), which is not one of theirs that I have listened to all the way through, although if it’s like a lot of their later work, I suspect I’ll find it very moving. This song ends a bit suddenly for my liking, but it does make a noticeable contrast to the otherwise medium paced drift of the tune and lyrics, which are suitably lovely in their usual hopeless desperation kind of way. I do think they can be quite polarizing as a band, in a similar (but not nearly as pronounced), manner to when it was “in” to make jokes about Coldplay being fantastic suicide music (it’s hardly the height of comedy, but I guess unfunny people need some material to work with). The harmonies on this are a bit quirky, and I think that’s absolutely swell, and it makes the song stand out immediately as you’d expect from a Low number, really. It’s wonderful, and accurate, but not particularly happy, if you’re here for the laughs only.


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