Daily Dose: ‘Satellite’ by Joan As Police Woman and Benjamin Lazar Davis

There are a few famous people who have a notable distinction between their singing and speaking voice, but Joan Wasser (better known as Joan As Police Woman, or “that poor person Jeff Buckley was seeing when he drowned”) is the most obvious modern example I can think of. She sounds when talking as you would expect her to if you saw her: a chatty, hip, slightly self-conscious New Englander. This is not what she produces when she sings: a thin, soulful scrawl, that manages to sound pained and attractive in equal measure. It’s incredibly distinctive, and while I’m not necessarily a huge fan of all her solo songs, when used right I’m immediately struck by how much of a fabulous tool she has at her disposal. This song is one of those tracks where it’s deployed effectively. It’s part of a collaboration album she has made with Okkervil River member Benjamin Lazar Davis, called Let It Be You (21st October, 2016), which has got mixed reviews, and I’ll try to listen to it once I can get hold of an internet connection that is not a potato. This tracks a solid start though, with all its space (ho ho pun) and anticipation combining with that sensual, breathy voice to make an indie-electronica track that manages to sound a bit more cinematic and emotional than a lot of its peers. I like it, and it doesn’t try to do too much, so I’m curious to see why some people were a bit meh about the album. Pop-rock saturation? It is a mystery for now.


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