Daily Dose: ‘All My Friends’ by Drug Train

I’ve been traveling this week, but I had a couple of posts squirreled away ready to go up at a later time. That time is now!

Last soundcloud song for the time being, we’ll jump into something a little different for today’s other updates. This has a kind of spaced out despondence to it that really speaks to me, and probably a lot of other people as well. It’s not that it’s miserable, it’s just that it’s kind of spaced out, and naming your band Drug Train is a surefire way to appeal to my interests, not to mention complaining about your friend’s beauty and success. I feel you, Drug Train, you and your melancholy song titles. Speaking of which, Drug Train appear to be from Montreal, in the Canada, but other than that I know basically nothing about them, as is often the case with these soundcloud finds. A bit of mystery in these things can be good in these particular times when it’s possible to find out what most larger music acts for breakfast in painstaking detail, thus rendering them completely bland and uninteresting. This is quite long, but it’s drifting nature and the fact that it’s very restrained and tasteful throughout. It also shares a title with that one LCD Soundsystem song that a lot of people think is their best but it isn’t because it’s ‘Someone Great’ and anyone who tells you otherwise is possibly a liar. Anyway, support small artists like this one, they make nice music as well.


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