Daily Dose: ‘Make Us Pay’ by Shampoo

Okay, so this soundcloud find might be something of an acquired taste. Let’s get one thing very clear straight away: to the best of my knowledge, this is not mid 90’s English girl duo Shampoo, famous for that one song, ‘Trouble’. There might be some serious subterfuge, but as far as I can tell this appears to be from a distinct artist operating out of Georgia, (possibly Atlanta?) which is most definitely not in England. It may be a deliberate choice of name, though, (still a terrible idea) as there’s more than a few nods to nineties (and eighties) pop present in this track. Straight away, the opening is pretty cheesy, and that feeling doesn’t fade at any point, with the production of the drums especially feeling like it was designed to channel as much bubblegum pop into the track as possible. Be that as it may, it actually sounds pretty good, especially when oddly melded with the slightly subdued, restrained vocal harmonies. Some discretion is advised, because the sheer amount of saccharine on display will upset certain people, I can be sure of that, but I actually pretty enjoyed it for what it was, which was odd, because it’s the sort of gooey bubbly synth pop that has the potential to really rub me up the wrong way. I guess that because the vibes and sounds are all still pretty good, even if they are dated as all heck.


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