Daily Dose: ‘Go Ahead’ by Pillow Person

I went arse deep into soundcloud after listening to a remixed version of this there, so there’s gonna be a few of those tracks over the next couple of days, because there was some neat stuff on there. This is that Sarah Jones solo project that I was somewhat excited about on account of liking basically everything she has ever collaborated on, which is as good a reason for liking a person as any, I guess. It is exactly what I would have expected, really, all bright and summery and fun. Possibly a little bit too much fun all at once for some people, but it’s snappy and exotic and a little bit weird sounding. There’s a couple of neat remixes of it already, as you would expect for a dance/electronics track, including one featuring Sarah Suñé which I thought was the main mix at first, to some confusion, mainly as to why Jones was now suddenly Spanish. I’d really, really like it if there could be a whole album of this, because I think that has a good chance to be an amazing listen. For the time being though, I’ll happily settle for this, which sounds like if you tried to package too much exuberant joy down into a concise message and the result came out a bit quirky looking. I’m a big fan, but you probably knew that already.


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