Daily Dose: ‘Locust Furnace’ by Godflesh

Time for a bit of metal history, because I’ve not talked about a metal song in a while and I like a bit of history. Let’s combine the two. Justin Broadrick (lead vocals, guitars, programming) and G. C. Green (bass, programming) were very much ahead of their time as far as industrial metal goes. They came from Birmingham, which as you probably are aware is basically the closest thing to a capital city metal has, so there’s form there. This is raw, as you would expect, but I’m a big fan of the vocals, which hit the spot between unhinged and actually understandable perfectly. As for the music, it’s what you’d expect from a slowed down, stripped back (almost post-metal, who owe these guys a debt) guitar plus bass operation, although the programmed, mechanical drums do give it a very distinct feel. Actually, imagine metal Carter USM and you basically have a good idea of what this is going to be about, and whether such a thing appeals or not is down to you. They’ve made catchier and more accessible songs, but this was the one I heard first and I really liked it, so I went with this one. Plus, the idea of a locust furnace is inherently comical: locusts are clearly far too small to power anything of note from, unless you are prepared to incinerate a truly outrageous amount of locusts, which would probably be massively inefficient. The other possibility is that the locusts themselves are the furnace, possibly through vibrating incessantly enough to create an intense heat. On such impactful questions are the interpretive mysteries of music founded, and it’s quite possible that we will never truly know the answer.


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