Daily Dose: ‘Loup Garou’ by Ed Harcourt

I was working on doing some recording of something dumb yesterday, so I’ll try to get a two drop done today. Ed Harcourt’s new album is really good. It’s called Furnaces (August 2016), and I’ve talked about the title track before, but it’s worth another peer at in the form of this song. I see this album as this year’s sneaky good album from unexpected old British indie/rock veteran, we seem to get one of those every year at the moment. Gaz Coombes was last years, and I guess it was David Bowie a couple of years before that. Bonus points go to Ed here for working a language pun into the title and main hook, there’s not enough of that going around. This is still fairly gentle, like a lot of the record, with a lot of piano getting involved (I like keys in my rock music), but it throws in a bit of anthem and edge to go with it, which combines to make the whole package fairly catchy. There’s a slight hint of a spooky apocalypse that weaves its way throughout a lot of the album which I’m a big fan of, but may not quite be stark or brutal enough for some people. I like it well enough, and if you’re a fan of nifty chamber/indie pop that stands out well on initial listen, you’ll like this song.


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