Daily Dose: ‘Dead Alive’ by The Shins

The Shins dropped their new song out of nowhere the other month, and I’ve finally got around to chatting about it. I really like The Shins, and I sort of feel like there’s a chance one day James Mercer is going to put it all together and make the best indie pop album in existence. They already got pretty close with Wincing the Night Away (23rd January, 2007), which is really a really strong piece of work to this day, but then everyone in the band other than James Mercer changed and it felt to me like the took a slight step back for Port of Morrow (19th March, 2012), which still had some crackling tunes on it but nothing in the latter half that really stuck out to me. Mercer is also one half of Broken Bells, who come out with a pretty solid album every now and again. Anyway, this another in a long line of Shins songs that are pretty good, and is presumably taken from their upcoming album, due out sometime in January 2017, apparently. I’m looking forward to it, I’m expecting at least a couple of really good, cleverly written tunes from it, and who knows? Maybe it will be that golden unicorn of indie rock.


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