Daily Dose: ‘Square Hammer’ by Ghost

Time for a triple. A video popped on my news feed that had the title 5 reasons people hate Ghost. I eventually decided to watch it, and it turned out that it was because metal fans are apparently the most reactionary and elitist of genre based fans in existence. The video was actually pretty good (and pretty balanced), as it went through the reasons why people have pushed back against the bands push into the mainstream. More obvious reasons include their specific getup (which is fair enough, I guess, although I don’t let it bother me), the fact they occasionally verge on parody (FYI, verging on parody is my probably my favourite musical genre), and because the lead singers voice doesn’t get it done (perhaps not enough gravel for them). But mainly, people apparently don’t like Ghost because they are “not metal”.

Someone started a petition to make Ghost stop making music because they are not metal.

You kind of have to laugh at the ridiculousness, but I despair sometimes. Way to propagate the stereotype about metal fans, you idiots who started that petition, and remind me: why does it matter to the 99% of us who are not constrained by having to be as hardcore as possible whether Ghost are metal or not? The bloke in the video I watched went into this in more detail than me, but it is truly nuts. Its fine if you want to dislike a band because you don’t think the music is all that, but most of those other reasons mark you out as fairly pretentious. And also probably wrong, because this song kicks ass. Seriously, do Ghost even know how to make a bad song? This is from the Popestar EP (16th September 2016), which remains suitably silly enough to upset people who hold Kiss in some sort of reverence (why would you do that? For what actual purpose?), but this has the advantage of actually being good, even if it is poking a little bit of fun. The main hook on this track is outstanding, it’s one of the best riffs I’ve heard all year. You’ll like it. Unless you don’t listen to anything that’s not “metal”, then I guess you won’t.


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