Daily Dose: ‘Certainty’ by Temples

Temples have a notable fan in my mother, who’s got a pretty discerning taste when it comes to music, so it’s got to reach a pretty high bar (or be really, really miserable sounding). I also enjoyed Temple’s debut Sun Structures (5th February, 2014), which was a fun psychedelic rock romp through modern trendy weirdness. It had some good moments, but this does more for me straight away because while it still has that overt sophistication which sometimes bugs me it’s wrapped in a package that feels much more effusive and bright in its instrumentation. It’s presumably going to be featured on their next album, titled Volcano, which ridiculously already has a release date (3rd March, 2017) despite it being three months away. What kind of psychedelic trip band with that level of preparedness? Breaking the immersion there, boys. Anyway, hopefully that album will have more variations of the goofy sounding throwback (almost video game-esque) bass/drums/synth combo from the verse, which is really the winning bit part of the song, no question, although I do like how the still quite retro yet generally pleasant vocals fit in to the sound. It’s a really catchy hook, and got my attention straight away. Less keen on the chorus, which is a bit standard, but it’s hard to be this close to perfect all the time. It’s good work regardless, and I’m keen to see where they go with a whole album.


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