Daily Dose: ‘Collider’ by Jon Hopkins

Spot of Jon Hopkins for the Wednesday, if you want to get into your IDM groove for a bit and just let the flow get all up in you. This is from his very highly regarded fourth album Immunity (4th June, 2013), which I can confirm is a pretty solid listen if you like ambient techno, it got a mercury nod for a reason (the reason is that it is good). I would want to go the sort of club where they played this, so I didn’t feel like I had to go at 400 mph all the time and could just chill for a bit if required. That is entirely what this music evokes in me, a desire to get busy but also keep it quite laid back. For something with such a heavy shuffle and pound to it, it is surprisingly delicate, and like a lot of Hopkins work efficient whilst still natural sounding. It’s five minutes long, yet it feels shorter, and I wouldn’t at all mind if it was a bit longer, the sign of a techno track that’s nailed sounding insistent without overly aggressive. If you like those drums, then you’re not alone, and I’ll tell you why: drum work on the album was provided by Sarah Jones, easily my favourite active jobbing drummer at the moment (Also is spellbinding live and has her own project now how exciting), so that’s another reason to love it. However, this isn’t another chance for me to fawn over Sarah Jones, this is about Jon ‘I look very intense in photos’ Hopkins and his evocative modern house music. Isn’t it about time for new, critically claimed album with more cleverly crafted intricate tunes like this, Jon? I think that it is.


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