Daily Dose: ‘Kimchi Landslide’ by Tanya Auclair

Tanya Auclair, or just Auclair, is another of the Anna Meredith tracks I picked to write about, there’s some electronic goodness lined up for tomorrow. I’ve watched a video of her and two bandmates do a live version of this and it’s oddly captivating, all loops and tricks to go with the clever experimentation and impressive musicianship. I’d suggest checking it out, although I would have loved a bit more of the distanced vocal effect, that was ace and I loved it when it was used. This is really open and nice to listen to, and I’d love to hear more of her work because I think she might be on a real winning formula here. Bits of the result are really special here, as I hint at, and even if sometimes the whole package doesn’t completely rock my world, there’s enough here to get interested in, that’s for sure. She’s presumably very new (or just really good at hiding herself away), as there’s not a huge amount on her online, but she’s most definitely got an EP out, called Semaphore, which I will see if I can find (it may not be easy). One to watch going forward, because she sounds like she could be seriously special.


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