Daily Dose: ‘Doorway’ by Planningtorock

Planningtorock’s name kind of bugs me, but probably it’s the sort of thing that affects you more when you’re feeling a bit grumpy. What does not bug me is this song, which is a sparse yet spicy electronic trip through some ambient drone spaces mixed in with some spooky vocals. It stuck out to me straight away, and actually, is the sort of track that I wish was a bit longer so that a bit more of a play around could have been had with it; I’ve not seen an extended mix of this yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one around somewhere, and if not, I feel like there should be one. Anyway, Jam Rostron, who is the figure behind the name, is from London and is now based in Berlin, where I imagine this sort of experimental electronic music goes over very well. She’s released three albums to date, and I believe that this release may well be indicative of an upcoming fourth, as well as doing some remixes for people like The Knife along the way. Actually, quick point, some of those remixes are absolutely sick. Do go and check out ‘Marble House’ one for sure, it’s a really fantastic piece of atmospheric work. This track also has a fantastic vibe to it, which looms in a more sinister fashion than the remixes I’ve heard, with the emphasis on the robotic, insistent background noise and subdued trance like quality. Those with a dislike of drone should avoid, but a bit of electronic weirdness never hurt anyone.


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