Daily Dose: ‘Beloved’ by Firefly Burning

So I’ve had some confusion over song name/artist name here, but I believe this to be correct. I’m sorry if it’s wrong! This was another song that I picked out from Anna Meredith’s sit in show, largely because in the snippet I heard it sounded pretty different instrumentally. It’s kind of a folk prog extended romp this, and I like that a lot about it, but it is frankly a bit too soppy for me, being a song about someone’s devotion to their lover, something which I have basically no frame of reference for. I could do with a bit more existential disappointment, implicit instability, and vicious turns to be able to actually relate to it in any way whatsoever. Which is a shame, because it slightly prevents me from enjoying the song as much as I would otherwise. Still, the string work on this is really strong, and if you like modern experimental folk, then this will be your bag for sure. The voices are pleasant, and I actually really like the hooks and surprise gender barung action in the middle, that was great. Unfortunately it ain’t ever really going to be for me because of the lyrics, but possibly it may be for you, and these guys seem like a fairly little operation, so if you’re a folk fan you’ve no excuse.


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