Daily Dose: ‘Conceptual Romance’ by Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval is absolutely too artistic for me, and that’s completely okay. I’m allowed to appreciate the music without necessarily following all the explanation and subtlety and intent behind it. I say this because I heard an interview with her where she was talking about some fairly high concepts (see what I did there), which caught me a little unprepared, if I’m honest. Still, this is a really neat song, and it has a very pretty chorus to go with its crafty turn of phrase. It’s from the Norwegian singers sixth album, Blood Bitch (September 30, 2016), which appears to be an art-pop concept album about vampirism. Bits of this feel more like a spoken word or rap piece than a song, and I could of done with one more round of the refrain at the end to really resolve things, but it’s a really interesting piece of music regardless, even taking it apart from the inspiration fuelling it. I might be selling it as more polarising that it really is, but I would certainly describe it as avant-garde, and actually almost a little bit gothy to go with its inherent weirdness. I really enjoy that it’s working with all these different genre aspects, though, the result is truly quite distinct, and deserves note.


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