Daily Dose: ‘King Of The Mountain’ by Kate Bush

Here’s the thing: I’ve never really got massively into Kate Bush. While I like individual songs (you’d be hard pressed not to), I was never really exposed to her extended back catalogue as a kid or went and searched it out as an adult. However, I’ve got an incredible amount of respect for her as a musician and as an individual, as her, unique artistic vision, ability to control her finished product and reluctance to tour or perform live (expect for certain occasions, such as the series of gigs in 2014, when she must have made a small fortune) mark her out as entirely distinct in the world of female singers (and songwriters). I heard this on the radio the other day and thought it was pretty ace, I don’t think I’d ever really heard much of her highly-acclaimed later work before. It was the only single from her eight album Aerial, (7th November, 2005) which, like a lot of her later albums, does not feature Kate and her incredibly crazy eyes on the front cover. There was a twelve year gap between this and her last album, as she took the time off (perhaps sensibly) to raise her child, and boy, was the hype for it real. The album, not the kid. The fact that it was then considered such a success is damn impressive, as the amount of anticipation must have been frankly a little bit anxiety inducing for all concerned, except perhaps for Bush herself who presumably has a will of iron. Regardless of all that, this song is still great. It’s kept interesting with all its references and conspiracy theory goodness, and it remains just a fantastic eclectic pop song to this day.

Edit: You know she’s eccentric because she’s just described Theresa May as being “wonderful”. Oh Kate, you kooky so and so.


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