Daily Dose: ‘Golden Green’ by Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel has shifted over a million album units, so she’s absolutely no slouch, but that’s not the sort of numbers I would have expected when I listen to her experiential vocal layering and detailed arrangements (there’s a bit of Kate Bush in there as well). Credit the listening public, I guess, because this is brilliant. It’s another track from her new album Citizen of Glass (21st October 2016), which sounds more like the classical soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic wasteland the more I hear from it, and I love that about it. What passes for the drop on this is exquisite, with the subtle shift into the refrain taking me completely by surprise basically every time I listen to it. Enigmatic doesn’t really begin to describe it, and it’s more than a little bit spooky, but I adore not just that it does such a good job of conjuring up an environment in my mind, but does so in a manner not a million miles removed from a modern pop song. Yeah, it’s odd, but it’s also dreamy, surreal, incredibly beautiful, and impressively delicate for something that has a nearly sci-fi/alien quality to it. I’ve not heard the album yet, but it’s currently at the top of my work through list, and I’d really suggest this song to anyone who wants a song that has that ever elusive quality: making your brain do some work and fire that imagination up.


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