Daily Dose: ‘Because I’m Me’ by The Avalanches

Been quite busy this week (and will be this weekend) so expect a spurt of activity next week, but I’ll try and fire out a couple of reduxes today before I get onto something new. First, another sample from The Avalanches surprise return Wildflower (1st July, 2016), an album which I confess, I’ve still been unable to listen through soup to nuts, largely due to its seeming unavailability on Deezer. What I’ve heard from it so far has been pretty fun though, like this bouncy upbeat number, featuring a nice turn from Camp Lo and the usual sample based backing track from the Australian pioneers of Plunderphonics. It’s got that lovely warm retro brass, and it’s neatly put together, as you’d expect. The videos really fun as well; it’s accessible on that most prominent of video sharing websites (which is how I heard the song in the first place) and is pretty silly, in Avalanches tradition. Sure, the songs seriously dope (I think you’d struggle to dislike something this fun sounding) but cut a deal with streaming services already! For those of us that can’t buy the physical copy, and really want to hear the album, it’s an annoyance. Still, I’m happy to see them back, maybe it won’t take them sixteen years before they release another album. Actually, I’d say either they put one out next year or maybe they manage to do it seventeen.


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