Daily Dose: ‘The Vapours’ by Anna Meredith

Wow, this is kind of thrilling, actually. It’s certainly very exciting (and more than a bit weird, so be warned), but I found it enjoyable from the off, although the intensity might not do it for some. Anna Meredith has got some serious form as a composer, she’s done work for the Proms before, and been a resident with the Scottish symphonic, so she’s absolutely been there and done that. She’s also got ace taste in music and seems like a genuinely cool person, at least based on what I heard of her sitting in for Stuart Maconie’s radio show the other week. Put me on at least one fantastic tune I’d never heard before, so thank you for that, Anna. She’s been foraying into electronic music for quite a while, but this is her debut album (on the generally fun Moshi Moshi label, also featuring Teleman), which is called Varmints (March 2016). I love the album, but it’s very offbeat at times ambient drone like robotic patterns might not be for everyone. This track however, while it might not be everyone’s jam, will certainly make an impact onto everyone’s consciousness, because not many tracks feature this much electronic and guitar wizardry combined with lead tuba. I think it’s brilliant, and its certainty seriously different, so it gets huge points for that in my book. More tuba please.


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