Daily Dose: ‘Get Ready’ by The Temptations

Otis Williams is 75, is the last remaining “classic” member of The Temps, and he’s seen some things. He didn’t have to go very far to see them, either, because a lot of them were happening within his own band. Fights, drugs, intrigue, drugs, early deaths, these gents had it all, and in between still managed to produce one of the sweetest sounds around. Have a look into their history if you like a story behind your bands, because there’s been some serious strife going on behind the scenes with these guys. Their sound was legendary, however, and with those fancy tailored suits and snappy choreography they didn’t half make it look good, as well. The lead on this is sung by Eddie Kendricks (before David Ruffin took over most lead duties after this underperformed), and it came out in February of 1966, the same year as ‘Reach Out I’ll be there’. It was also the last song that Smokey Robinson wrote for the group. It’s almost staggering for us now to imagine what a year for music that must have been, or at least it is for me, I tried to think about it and couldn’t really picture what it must have been like hearing all this great noise for the first time. The harmonies in this chorus are just lethally beautiful, and those five voices working together still sounds like a bit of a treat today. Long may you continue, Mr. Fakir and Mr. Williams. You’ve gave so much, and you’ve earned it.


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