Daily Dose: ‘Told You I’d Be With The Guys’ by Cherry Glazerr

It sounds like it should be a person, but Cherry Glazerr is actually a band, and you can tell straight away that they occupy what I would crudely describe as the trendy hipster sphere just by looking at them. The music video for this song involves a lot of milling around with attractive haircuts looking generally desirable, which is a skill in itself. However, it’s actually pretty funny watching them get drowned underneath an increasing number of people in tan trousers and red shirts, so fair play to them for that little twist, because it made me smile, and that’s easier said than done. I really like her voice! By her, I guess I mean front-person Clementine Creevy (top name), who’s yowling I could actually do with more of; although her soft voice is nice and all, it’s not as individual and fun as when she gets a bit shouty. The song progresses slowly to a big finish, all pounding drums and battered guitars, so it’s quite sonically interesting and different throughout, it feeling somewhat off kilter at points. If you like fuzzy indie rock, this will be your jam, and you could do a lot worse. If not, it’s still a good song, but you may be put off by all the effort expended on looking and sounding stylish.


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