Daily Dose: ‘The Wheel’ by Spear Of Destiny

Time for some weird shenanigans from the decade that style forgot, the eighties. The most maligned of times has always been something of a blessing with regards to very odd tunes from nowhere that sound a bit spicy today, and this one is no excuse: it sounds strange. I’ve never heard it before this week (thanks radio), and I immediately got slightly hooked on it’s off kilter bizarreness. From the weird multiple staccatoed vocal trills in the middle to the prominent ghostly saxophone that weaves throughout, it’s filled with a bunch of musical design decisions that I love even if all of them combined makes this song sound like post-punk on LSD. It’s from an album called Grapes of Wrath (solid reference, even if it is a bit dated by 1983), which was their first, and was their second single from it, which raises the obvious question of what was the first? The answer is a song called ‘Flying Scotsman’, which is a good listen as well but loses a lot of points for not being nearly as kooky as this one. While I’m answering questions, in case you were wondering about the band name, the spear of destiny is another name for the bit of stick that stuck Jesus in the side while he was up there on the cross, according to John’s Gospel (of course, several churches now claim to possess it). Anyway, if you like a bit of alternative/indie rock history check this out, because it’s a blast.


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