Daily Dose: ‘Free Samples’ by Electric Six

From the sad loss of the master of pathos, to the great liveliness of one of the superior musical lampooners around. I hate consumer culture, so anything that takes aim at it is alright in my book, and if it does a good job of sounding like a kickarse rock song in the process, all the better. They did this number when they played Hull, and in many ways, it is a very Hull song: I’ve never known the city to pass on a free lunch of any kind, and I’ve been as guilty of this scrounging nature as anyone else. It’s from the exceptionally surreal (even by this bands standards) and electronic laced Heartbeats and Brainwaves (11th October, 2011) which makes the bleakness of modern life its main theme throughout, only packaging it as ever in a jaunty flamboyant package. It also features the incredible ‘We Use The Same Products’, which I can’t recommend enough if you are, like me, largely disgusted by much of today’s consumerist, corporation driven reality. It’s more subtle that this number, which is more of a “beat you round the head with it” number, although if you don’t like the sheer ironic enthusiasm of the line ‘Free Samples – they’re giving shit away!’ then I don’t know what’s going on in your head. It went down well live, because it’s a sick belter of a song and they absolutely killed it.


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