Daily Dose: ‘Restarted Tonight’ by Dave Rodgers

Alright, while we’re in silly mode, time to continue that breather and get all the silly out of the way in one go. Then we’ve got a quick interlude before we finish my electronic music pile. So, it’s Eurobeat time! What, you don’t like Eurobeat? That is an entirely reasonable position to take, but it remains the premiere driving music in existence (sorry, power rock), so you’re just going to have to struggle through today, I’m afraid. This is brand new from Dave Rodgers, who is known fondly as the “Godfather of Eurobeat”, which is a hell of an accolade to live up to. Also, he’s an Italian man who worked predominantly in the J-pop scene and was involved with house and disco for many years, which you may not have assumed when you first saw his name. Dude has incredible form, in any case, and if you like cheesy synths, the finest in engrish lyrics, outrageously over the top guitar fills, and a drum beat so regular you could time your watch to it, you will not be disappointed. Look, I don’t know what to else to tell you. It’s hilariously dated over the top cheesy music that probably has no place in the modern world, but it’s just too much fun for it to die. The album is literally called Super Eurobeat 239: Everlasting Dance Trax Super Eurobeat Extended Edition, for pete’s sake! How can you not like that? Because you hate fun, that’s how.


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