Daily Dose: ‘Sorceress’ by Opeth

Got a few slices of electronic music coming up, since it’s good to be back on what passes for home turf, as well as an absolute cannon of a tune from Loyle Carner, but first, let’s get down with the new Opeth album, Sorceress (30th September, 2016) and the title track thereof. This is their twelfth album, and while I would have been happy to hear whatever direction they’d chosen to go in, I’m thrilled that they are continuing their progressive metal bent, because it suits them down to a T. Like, they were a great band before, but when they deployed their obviously substantial talent to the field of progressive rock it proved to be a sensational fit, and they’ve either recognised that or more likely just had so much fun with Pale Communion (2014) that they decided that some more had to be in the offing. It’s tough for me to talk about this song objectively because I’m frankly not sure how you could dislike it, but I’ll give it a whirl: it’s clearly very prog, with the funky time signatures and clever instrumentation that have come to define late Opeth, complete with the from nowhere extended built up outro (which is fantastic, by the way). Mikael Åkerfeldt’s voice remains a Swedish national treasure, and the lyrics are spicy to go with his versatile delivery. I want to call out the drums in particular, who put in a great turn in what is a very jazzy piece, but the whole band sounds great on this song. Weird as well, but seriously powerful.


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