Daily Dose: ‘Suddenly’ by Drugdealer feat. Weyes Blood

Drug dealers: sure, they get a bad rep, but we’ve all got to use them, right? This particular example is a project by Michael Collins, who has got around a lot musically, including featuring a variety of different singers on his most recent tracks. I’m not the first person to listen to this and rattle of names like Todd Rundgren, ELO, even the Beatles and the beach boys have been thrown around, so I’ll try to limit the comparisons beyond that, but to me it does have a distinct enough sound, probably due to its modernity compared to those acts. The video features Weyes Blood singing and waking along, which may not sound like much of an event, but trust me on this one, it kind of is. There’s also some sheep, if bovid sightings are of note to you (they are to me as well, but unfortunately for the sheeps Wayes Blood has made walk-singing at a camera into more of an art form than is already was here). The song itself features some seriously funky bass, a couple substantial changes of pace, and a pretty pronounced laid back, chill out vibe. I like it, and that echoed sax has a place all on its own in my heart, but I’d really like to hear the rest of the album (The End Of Comedy) before I decide how much I’m committing to this song. If there’s a decent amount of variety and flair on it, then I can see myself really getting into the whole thing. That’s tonight’s probably quite trippy project, but at least so far, so good.


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