Daily Dose: ‘Love Don’t You Go Through No Changes On Me’ by Sister Sledge

Our drastic change of direction takes the form of some Northern Soul, a weird sub-genre that I came to very late in life, and as a result know very little about in the grand scheme of things. I like it whenever I hear it though, both for the historical and social meaning to this part of the country where I live (roughly), as well as the fact that it’s often absolutely banging tunes (technical term) like this one. It’s easy to see why this was considered great dancing music, because it remains a serious difficulty to listen to this song without letting at least a part of your body move, and it’s more likely that your personage may suffer a full blown outbreak of disco based groove. Sister Sledge somewhat break the convention by actually being a group of four sisters from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who were all given vocal training by their grandmother and managed initially by their mother. They are no relation to Percy Sledge at all, it turns out, and this song was actually originally penned by Gwen Guthrie and Haras Fyre, who made careers out of writing songs that other people then got famous with. Anyway, this was released as a single in 1974, and was basically their first hit, for a given value of the word, making some noise in the US dance and R and B charts. Somewhat oddly, it was apparently a big hit in Japan, which is the surest indicator I’ve ever seen that we’re really all not so very different after all. Japan in the seventies had some pretty good taste clearly, or maybe it just desperately wanted to boogie down.


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