Daily Dose: ‘Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2’ by Super Guitar Bros

Let’s get off that beaten track for a moment. Saw a song by these guys pop up online, and searched them out later on when I had time, because I don’t get enough pure guitar music and although it may be a bit of a novelty idea, a lot of video game music is really great. Super Guitar Bros features Steven Poissant on the steel string and Sam Griffin on the nylon string, (I know, the fact that they’re not actually brothers shocked me too, but work with it) and for a duo, they sure get a lot done. This is combination of the themes from the first two Ninja Gaiden games, (19888 and 1990, I believe) titles highly regarded in no small part because of their enjoyable and catchy music. This is a swell version as well, equal parts funky and chill, and for something that you may dismiss as a bit of light fun the musicianship is really impeccable. There’s a full album of these and other such versions available on a prominent video sharing website, and If you like extended plays of pure guitar music, I’d urge you to check it out. If I hadn’t told you it was music from a video game, and if you hadn’t played any of the games in question, this would easily pass as relaxing laid back guitar jamming that’s enjoyable and fresh, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to it today. The last two minutes of this song are a pure and beautiful journey into bliss, unlike everything else in the entire world.


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