Daily Dose: ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ by Dead Or Alive

Pete Burns died very recently, presumably as a result of just partying too damn hard in the nineties, although people took to blaming 2016 anyway because that’s the popular thing to do now, it seems. His legacy, although I’m sure that he was a varied and multi-faceted individual, will always be this song, of which he was the writer and lead vocalist. And hey, what a song it is, although the chorus isn’t going to win any “lyrical genius” accolades anytime soon, but it’s a pretty good legacy regardless. It’s nominally taken from their second album album Youthquake, (May 1985) which is a ridiculous name for an album, especially considering that for 99% of people this will be the only song from it they ever hear. When people denigrate the eighties as a dark time for music and fashion, this is the sort of art they are referring to, because if a more quintessentially eighties thing exists then I am yet to experience it. Even if it’s just for the meme-baked irony, you’d be a callous individual to not appreciate this song now. Amazingly, considering that this was a UK number one, the producers and the record company both apparently hated it and Burns had to fund the recording himself. Even more funny is the fact that the band were also quite confrontational about it, lending perhaps to their total lack of emotion in the music video (which of course, they had to fund themselves), all while Burns mugs for the camera incessantly. I bet that was fun in the studio. As a piece of new wave synthpop it’s a fantastic time capsule, and if you don’t find that mini breakdown after the first chorus even a little bit funky then there’s something wrong with you. I’d say that’s pretty good work, Pete.


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