Daily Dose: ‘Algorytme’ by Lindstrøm

It’s another Lindstrøm track! Remember when I was talking about Mylo and house music, well, it’s time for the modern version. This is a neat track, I really like all the tunes on the Windings EP (8 July 2016, also a fantastic name for an EP) that snuck out under the radar earlier this year, even if I would have really enjoyed a full album or just more tracks. This song, like the others, does not mess around, it is bold, it is brash, it is filled with energy it is futuristic disco in a nutshell, but I especially appreciate how it possesses a relaxing flow that makes listening to it an entirely smooth, non-jarring experience. It’s still a foot tapping electronic mover, so if that isn’t your thing then this may well not change your viewpoint, but if easy freewheeling disco fun is your thing, then you won’t be disappointed with the song or the EP. It’s clear arpeggios and easy drum beat are reminiscent of a time way past, but I’m very okay with that; there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia provided the limitations with it are acknowledged and accepted, namely, the fact that it ultimatly transforms any interaction with a medium into a very personal experience. As that can describe basically all interactions with music, it’s perhaps best not to worry in this instance. Pretty deep for what you thought was a simple disco track, huh? Just goes to show, disco has hidden levels. Hidden funky levels.


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