Daily Dose: ‘Tenement Song’ by Pixies

I salute you, the Pixies, I really do, and lord knows inner city Britain should as well, at least the side that has any respect. I liked this tune the first second I heard it, and it’s unmistakably got the Pixies vibe to it pretty much from the off. Sure, it’s got the themes about the increasing enormous divide between rich and poor in modern (especially urban) society that you’d expect, but it’s put together into a song that manages to sound as tired of this situation as it is angry. I really like it, I think the new Pixies material is off a really high quality. Indie Cindy was ace, and the new record, Head Carrier, sounds like it’s going to be pretty darn fantastic as well. Part of me kind of feels bad for former bassist Kim Deal, but she’s probably having a great time doing her own thing. Check out the video for this on a prominent video sharing website, it’s a cartoonish journey through the caricatured joy that is day-to-day life in a tower block. I’ve seen some people complaining about the production, citing the menace that is the loudness war (curse you Rick Rubin), but if ever there was a band that you wanted it to sound a little bit off in terms of overall sound it would be the Pixies, it does a good job of enhancing the fuzzy 90’s guitars and wonderful vocal delivery. “The drumsticks were his treasure trove” is probably the most tangible lyric in the whole thing, which gives you some idea of how head-spacey, this one is. I’ll always like this aspect of the alternative rock sound, and here’s a solid example of it.


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