Daily Dose: ‘The Funky Algorithm’ by Epica

Can I just say that while I might not be the biggest fan of Epica’s brand of metal, I have nothing but the greatest admiration for their willingness to mix it up a bit and their acceptance that in order to have some fun you may have to get a bit silly. That was obvious when I saw them live, and it is even more apparent on hearing this track, which was sent to me by my metal friend with the rider “I suspect they might be going slightly mad”. Mad with the funk, am I right! Genuinely though, this is absolutely freaking great. Sure, it might be a bit of a novelty experiment in prog funk, but fair play to them for trying it, because it turns out doing a cover of their own songs in a completely left field style was what they needed to put them over the top as a band in my eyes. This is the sort of music that soundtracks someone sneaking around their office putting googly eyes on inappropriate objects, and I cannot afford any higher praise on it than that. It’s silly and fun and joyous and I love it, I love it for its utter goofiness. It’s available on bonus issues of their new album The Holographic Principle (30 September 2016), and I will be giving that a full listen because it’s earned that much from me already, even if it’s clear now that Simone Simons was meant to be a funk-pop-jazz singer all this time. Truly, as the song points out, it is the funky groove that makes her booty move.


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