Daily Dose: ‘How Can You Leave Me On My Own’ by The Divine Comedy

I’ve never got hugely into The Divine Comedy over the years, although I’ve got nothing but respect for main member Neil Hannon and his craft over the years, as well as acknowledging that he seems like a genuinely great bloke. Also, ‘Songs of Love’ is one of my favourite songs ever, and he’s a pretty charming interview, to boot. This is fresh and new from him, and like a lot of his other work, this song is just well written. Okay, it’s pretty straight up, and The Divine Comedy has always been very kitsch, (‘How can you leave me on my…Oboe!’ got me, I appreciated the style) but the lyrics about disintegration in the face of the absence of a partner are, let’s face it, often true. It also features backing donkey, which I think is underused as far as animal based backing goes. The witty lyrics are wrapped up in the usual orchestral pop trappings, but the quirkiness comes over well here, I feel, and if that wasn’t enough there’s also quite a funny video to go alongside it. It features Hannon slobbing around a stately home while masquerading as Napoleon, generally making a nuisance of himself. I enjoyed it, and it suits Hannon’s crooning delivery well; it’s okay to be a bit old-fashioned provided you cop to it and work with it. It’s from a new album called Foreverland which was released on the 2nd September this year, and do you know what, I imagine it will be god for a few nice turns.


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