Daily Dose: ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ by Gary Moore

Time for something from back when to balance out the more recent fare. Gary Moore managed to nail the key points of being an Irish musician in the 70’s and 80’s, namely, playing in both Skid Row (no, not that one) and Thin Lizzy, having a widely varied solo career, and sadly dying much too young. Let’s just get this out the way: although bits of this song have not aged well from its eighties heyday, and the dated nature of it may annoy some people, this song is still an absolute banger. Seriously, I know that I have a bit of thing for Celtic music, but this song would sound good in anyone’s arsenal, bits of it are absolutely ace, even if they are a bit clichéd. To wit, it has been covered by several groups, including symphonic metal band Nightwish (I don’t like their version as much). It was the hit from the 1987 (9th March) album Wild Frontier, and it’s easy to see why, with that catchy tune, rip snorting guitar solo, fun as hell traditional drum parts, and the over the top cheese sing along chorus. It was on a cassette that my folks had when I was a kid, and I remember listening to it recently and thinking “how the hell did I overlook this before?”. Honestly, as old hard rock goes, this should be considered more of a classic than it is, and I’d love to see someone do a modern version that absolutely smashes the acapella bit of chorus, because I reckon that would sound boss, even if would have to be a little bit tongue in cheek. Get on it, somebody.


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