Daily Dose: ‘Kevin’ by Cabbage

Cabbage are…visceral, I’ll give them that. They know they’ve got a top band name, that’s for sure, even calling their debut EP Le Chou (29th January 2016). I heard an interview with a couple of them were they basically decided pretty much from the off that they weren’t going to take the whole thing seriously, and I respect that dedication to some cheap laughs, because I’m all about cheap laughs, so I knew I had to talk about one of their songs there and then. As for the music and message, think a slightly toned down less politically aware northern Fat White Family and you’ve got something close to the truth, I’d say. They’re from Manchester and come off as a bit juvenile in some of their songs, (if you have a strong stomach and don’t mind songs having all the subtlety of a brick, check out ‘Dinner Lady’ for something resembling socio-political commentary) but the sound is functionally just upbeat sounding anarcho-punk, which still has some things going for it. It’s seriously honest though, and there’s something to be said for that, plus another band trying to blow off the cobwebs of the past, as they put it in an interview, can’t be a bad thing. Music videos bordering on messy performance art and X-rated politicised lyrics is probably a good way of achieving that in post-Brexit Britain.


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