Daily Dose: ‘To Ashes’ by Ram-Zet

I’ll be straight up here, this one is quite heavy (it got sent to me by a friend), so consider yourself warned. Any track that starts out with lead fuzz and backing static gives a fairly good indication of which direction it’s going. Then it’s time for some spooky female harmonies which were quite nice, followed up by what I think was a bit of zither? After that small piece of misdirection though, it’s time for the howling and the speedy guitars that tends to characterise this kind of extreme metal. There’s also some violins getting involved. What I’m trying to get across is that it’s a serious mish-mash, though not un-enjoyable because of that, just somewhat confusing. This is to be expected from a band that characterises itself as avant-garde, and hey, at least they’ve got a vision, but I would have liked a bit more focus myself; there were some really enjoyable sounds in here that kind of got lost for me due to the art continually trying to get in the way. Some of it is really interesting, like the minimalist industrial outro and the violin bridge, but I don’t think those were the parts I was supposed to be focusing on, somehow. Anyway, this was taken from an album called Neutralized (12th October, 2009, spelling poor see me after class), which is apparently a schizophrenic metal concept album, which is something that sounds intriguing in concept but the execution thereof sounds somewhat difficult. I am going to keep one eye out for the song with the didgeridoo solo, though.


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