Daily Dose: ‘Where You Are’ by Natalie Williams

Time for something a little bit smoother to split up the heavier stuff. I saw a friend on facebook doing a home cover of this song, and immediately made a note to find the original later on, because I don’t get through very much jazz and will generally take a chance to rectify that. Natalie Williams operates out of London, has got some wonderful minimalist instrumentation fronted by some wonderful warm bass work, and possesses just a picture postcard perfect voice, really not at all out of place in any movie soundtrack or internal monologue. This is from her 2013 album Where You Are, which I confess I’ve not heard yet but will be firing up at some point when I’m feeling the need to kick back and chill (it also comes recommended). She’s something of a veteran of the UK’s jazz and soul scene, and it shows here; everything about this track is pretty much as relaxed as it is possible to be. It’s deeply poetic and really quite charming, and even if jazz isn’t your thing I feel like you should be able to appreciate the spirit it channels up. Her voice really is a joy though, it’s not forced or overplayed at all, containing just the right amount of presence in this track to be prominent without being forceful. I look forward to the groovefest that hopefully will be the album.


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