Daily Dose: ‘Kodama’ by Alcest

Squeezing one more in tonight, as due to an internet related issue entirely of my own fault, might have to go on break until next week. I can do the catch-up of the catch-up then, once the recriminations from my untold mistakes have died down. All good fun.

As we’re on the great new metal train right now, why not another new release from an absolutely top band? Taken from the album of the same name, that came out on the 30th of September, to my mind, it’s one of the best songs, if nor the best one that they’ve ever done. It’s like they’ve taken everything from their last album and decided that they wanted to make it bigger and more expansive. Sure, the basic formula of very heavy shoegaze is still present, so if you like that (and I do), you’ll like this and vice versa, but there’s some new things being tried with the vocals, and if anything it feels more charged up than the most previous iteration. It really moves well with me, working just as well as a lovely background piece or as a turn it up loud and get excited motivator. It is equal parts dreamlike and grungey, which is impressive, but it doesn’t feel overdone at all, which for music this progressive is stage one in sounding good, really. It’s powerful stuff, a bit more forceful than before. I think its ace, but I’m a big fan from before, and a lot of the old magic is still there, just updated slightly, so I would think that, I suppose. Still, it’s an exploration of metal/shoegaze that deserves as much attention as I can give it.


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