Daily Dose: ‘Pyrite Ammonite’ by Faith Eliott

Couple more tracks I heard on the radio whilst I was on break, and then we’ll get into some metal. Faith Eliott is from Edinburgh, is fairly fresh and raw, and has a nifty singing voice to go with some neat storytelling ability. This is a song that starts off with just voice and guitar talking about some fossil find, but expands both musically and lyrically into a rather lovely tale about. The shift is both surprising and kind of wonderful. ‘Isn’t it all remains?’ is a simple line, but it’s one of my favourite lines in any song so far this year, and this track has few absolute winners in it. I tip my hat to the writing, which is top quality and I quite enjoy the song to boot. I admit freely that I don’t normally go in for this sort of singer-songwriter act, but there’s a lot of similarity in her other songs to the sort of female folk artists I listened to as a child, which I find really comforting. Even if it’s not really my scene anymore, it did more than enough to stick out from the crowd to me, and it’s quirky and interesting enough to have enough sticking power beyond its initial pleasantness. As clever little songs go, you could do a lot worse.


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