Daily Dose: ‘Walrus’ by D.D. Dumbo

This is hot of the presses, and it’s a pretty funky slice of alternative intrigue. D.D. Dumbo has a great name, a penchant for naming songs after cool animals, and is from Australia. Other than that, I know fairly little about him, other than the fact that he’s relatively new and on the occasionally excellent 4AD label, which is generally a good recommendation in itself. This is from an album that has just been released called Utopia Defeated (7th October, 2016), and I’m going to sample a few other things from it over the next few weeks. I’ve seen people compare his voice to cross between Jeff Buckley and Sting, and that’s an apt comparison, but there’s a lot more shifty production in terms of looping going on here than either of those artists. Actually, although there is tons of stuff going on here, there a certain similarities to a hyped-up less-waily The Police, perhaps with a bit more folk thrown in for good measure. I saw some complaints that the record didn’t have a patch on his live recordings, but I couldn’t disagree more, I think the talent shows through regardless, and I find the fullness of the record version preferable, personally. It caught my ear straight away when I heard it, and I think it will do the same to those who like their indie tunes to be a little bluesy.


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