Daily Dose: ‘The Other Side Of Paradise’ by Glass Animals

I know I’ve been harping on about Glass Animals and How To Be A Human Being a lot lately, but it really is a must listen at this point. It’s going to be on my top ten albums of the year, the only question at this stage is how high it makes it, because it truly is that brilliant from start to finish. Because I’m going to be talking about it there, I’ll try and keep the chat about here brief, but know that there probably hasn’t been a more lyrically brilliant album about being young and bereft of purpose in the 21st century since, well, possibly ever. That lyrical excellence compliments the at time musical simplicity perfectly, as in this song, which tells an ace story neatly and compactly while also having an absolutely banging chorus that is a joy to listen to. It’s currently a toss-up between this and ‘Mama’s Gun’ for my favourite track to listen to on the record, and I went for this because it’s got a bit more force to it in between all the blissed wonder and top quality storytelling. It’s trippy as hell, and who cares about the high concept shenanigans when the track is this dang funky, even if the subject matter is pretty sad. That trend populates the whole record, along with slick musicality, an eye for detail, and absolutely dank choruses. Seriously, if you the drop on this doesn’t get you moving even a little bit, I suspect you might be dead. If I was ever to make music, I would want it to be this damn clever, without possessing the smugness about it that generally seems to follow. Now I just have to find a way to see them live.


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