Daily Dose: ‘Wake Up To This’ by King Creasote

This tracks a bit soppy, but I quite like it. Kenny Anderson has been doing it for years now, and still manages to sound bright and cheerful with his songwriting, and his writing is still absolutely excellent. Plus, I like his unashamedly accented delivery, even if it does sound a little strange when he talks about a “flood”. You could dismissively characterise this as pleasant middle of the road folk pop, and I wouldn’t think too much less of you if you did, but if you’re getting a bag on at music that is designed to be easy on the ear just for the sake of seeming a bit alternative then I’d say that music isn’t the sort of thing where there is much of a wrong answer. However, if you want proof that Kenny can do raw and gritty as well, check out this live version on a prominent video sharing website. It’s absolutely ace, miles better than the full studio version. It really brings out the lyrics and suits his voice a lot better, in my humble opinion. It’s from an album called Astronaut Meets Appleman (good name) which came out this year, and will be worth a look if you like either version of this song, because he’s got some fantastic turns, this guy. I’ve got no idea how you could not like that live recording though, it’s just absolutely lovely.


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