Daily Dose: ‘Web’ by Thee Oh Sees

So I went to a party last week. This was an obvious mistake, but there was one fantastic musical upside in form of this track from post hiatus Thee Oh Sees, after they changed all the members that were not called John Dwyer. I’d been told that the new output is the sort of thing that I would like, but hadn’t got around to it until I decided to shazam a track at this party I liked the sound of, which happened to be from the first album subsequent to the lineup shuffle, Mutilator Defeated At Last (18th May, 2015). I’ve seen Thee Oh Sees described as guitar violence, which is a moniker I adore, both in theory and execution. There’s a lot more effort going into the production and tidy-up now, which makes for a cleaner record, and leaves the result feeling more psychedelic adventure than dishevelled garage. It also leads to tracks like this one, which is a funky surreal trip through a pumped up drum groove and if that sounds like a lot of useless buzzwords just take it from me that it’s a really well put together hard rock song. It’s really good fun, and I imagine that is a fantastic time live, with the fuzzy exploding guitars and driving bass sounding impressively full even in a studio recording. If you’re a fan of heavy psychedelia with a slight prog element, it’s a must listen. I’d recommend everyone give it a shot even if you’re not, because a bit of garage based sludge is good for the soul.


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