Daily Dose: ‘Party Fears Two’ by Heaven 17

Okay. I’m quite ill at the moment, and I’m about to be away from my desk for three weeks. What I’m saying is that there might be some delay in writings coming up, but that’s okay, because I’m sure I’ll find some new bits and bobs on my travels.

The Associates, who did the original version, are a much underrated band in my eyes. The original version is good, as are the covers by The Divine Comedy and King Creosote (his versions great, and more on him later on in the week), which provide two very different takes on it, but why the Heaven 17 version is good is because it exposes that rather brilliant tune to the air more starkly than all the others, and rides entirely on the strength of that. I know Heaven 17 for precisely three things: the rather silly ‘(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang’, ‘Temptation’ which everyone knows, and pictures of occasional backing singer Billie Godfrey wearing fantastic dresses. However, they’ve got a bigger back catalogue than that, and they’ve been doing stripped back versions of lots of songs lately, with interesting results. This is slow paced, essentially being just a slow piano and vocals ballad, but the take on the melody is my favourite of the versions. Such a revelation may make this a superior take on the song than the original, because the song functionally is that tune, at least for me. The vocals are really growing on me as well, and that’s speaking as someone who is not a massive fan of the band. It’s quite lengthy, but sometimes that’s what needed for a certain mood, the mood here being: “sombre”.


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